The holidays are my favorite time of year, Starbs red cups appear, the wine is flowing and my tummy is always full from one of grandmas recipes. Oh and we get the excuse to wear sparkly clothes and attend fun parties. 

I know I'm not alone when I say that in November and December I love anything that glitters, sparkles, shimmers and shines. I can't wait to pull out my stored sequins and fur along with my holiday decor. 

I always try and purchase a few pieces each year that are new and unlike anything I already own. This year I decided to incorporate some gunmetal and winter white. Thanks to Olivia Pope-like wear being in high demand I was able to find some gorgeous trousers with girly details I love. My husband not so much but hey what does he know right? :) 

When putting together looks I usually opt for one stunner piece worn with black. I find it easier this way to layer in accessories or add a bold lip color.

A trick when wearing lots of black is layering, I love playing with textures and incorporating things like leather and knits. It's the best way to elevate your look, making it unique and special.  

I can not wait to share my next few posts with you guys. They are all looks I plan on wearing this holiday season. Stay tuned for some fun outfits and details to come.